Arrow Vale Academy is an inclusive School where everyone works together to be the very best they can be. The project idea of Arrow Vale Arts was commissioned by the Principal, Guy Shears, after initial discussions with Centre Stage Digital, the Art Department, and the Business Manager.

Mr Shears had been considering his students exceptional artwork, and felt that students work should not be kept behind Arrow Vale Academy’s four walls.

The brief was to develop an eCommerce website to sell unique student artwork, whilst at the same time showcasing the excellence and artistic flair of Arrow Vale Academy students to a local and national audience.

The site, ‘Arrow Vale Arts’, was launched in October, 2013, and Arrow Vale students will  benefit in a number of ways.

Students’ eyes are opened to the possibility of creating work that is admired and coveted by the public in the future. Glossy prints of student artwork have been made available to buy to the local community, and Arrow Vale plans to expand the project by showcasing other student work in the future. The Academy has noticeably underpinned learning and created interest in the creative arts by using student artwork as a focal point.

Students have begun to post links online to their work amongst their peers, and regularly talk about how their work was achieved, sharing new ideas and techniques. Visitors to the website can also post comments directly on student work.

A similar project at RSA Whitley Academy, Coventry, has raised £800 for students and the Art Faculty since March.

“Staff, students, and parents, are really proud of the original and inspiring student work. It is great to be able to share it!” Lorraine Allen, Principal.

We hope you enjoy our Gallery Showcase of talent, and our artwork available to buy in our Shop. You’ll find a mixture of Student paintings, prints, textile work, ceramics, and photography.

Monies raised from Arrow Vale Arts and purchase of student art will help support the arts, the students, and their learning.